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Vinnie is a long standing member of the Missouri Farm Bureau and currently serves on the Wayne County Missouri Farm Bureau Board. He understands the importance of the 88.4 billion dollars that agriculture contributes to Missouri’s economy each year and will continue the fight to strengthen it. 

Economic Development

Our district continues to see businesses close their doors leaving behind a wake of empty buildings. To rebound, a bold growth strategy is needed to keep our district competitive in the 21st century job market. Vinnie will not only work to rollback regulations and lesson the tax burden on our small businesses, but also work hand in hand with community leaders to ensure the revitalization of future growth.


Missouri is currently ranked 39th in the nation in the area of education.  Vinnie believes this to be unacceptable.  Strongly opposing "Common Core," he believes that our children deserve a first-rate education! The first step in securing such an education is removal of control from Washington D.C. and returning control of Missouri schools to the people of Missouri at the local level.

Right to Work

The Missouri Right to Work law states that, "Employers are barred from requiring employees to become, remain, or refrain from becoming a member of a labor organization or pay dues or other charges required of labor organization members as a condition of employment."

While Vinnie is not against unions, nor their attempt to bring the issue before the people for a vote, he does believe that every Missourian and American should have the freedom to choose, as an employee, to have union dues taken out of his/her pay, or as an employer, to pay the wages they feel is fair.  (Matthew 20:1-16)  

Sanctity of Life

As a Christian and father of two little girls, Vinnie is 100% pro-life and believes that life begins at conception. He will work to make sure our state continues to have the most comprehensive protections for the unborn in our nation.

Second Amendment

As a Life Member of the NRA and holder of a Missouri Concealed Carry Permit, Vinnie is a firm believer that the Second Amendment is a necessary and vital cornerstone of our society in matters of recreation, protection, and the preservation of our freedom from tyranny.

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